Home Insurance

home insuranceWe represent the top carriers of homeowners insurance in the nation, so we know your property is being well protected. We offer all lines of homeowners insurance, including all renter’s insurance policies, secondary homes, vacant dwellings and out of state properties.

Homeowners premium is driven by several different factors, the most important being credit and replacement cost. It is important to look at your homeowner’s policy to verify that it is being insured at an accurate rate. In some instances, the property is being insured at an inflated value, which drives up the premium. There are other properties that are largely under insured, which, in turn, can pose a problem if there is ever a claim. We look at all of our policyholders? replacement cost values and put them through our replacement cost valuation systems to determine their accurate value.

We also look at every renewal that comes through the office to determine if that client could benefit from being remarketed to another carrier. In some cases, clients save premium dollars by switching carriers. This is a major advantage we have as an independent agency because direct writers are limited to their own company’s rates, whereas we can compare rates of multiple companies.